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Home Refurbishment Services

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Home Decoration and Home Refurbishment

Altering the structure of the present home is known as home refurbishment.The idea of home refurbishment is the procedure of making changes to one’s home to make it apparently pleasing and healthier. Refurbishment includes changing of cabinets, installing new lights, repainting, replacement of windows, update of appliances, addition of new hardware, replacement of flooring and tiles, replacement of outdated systems.In today’s world, people are more into home refurbishment in order to add value to their house. They want something new and advance which can enhance the entire view of their house. The home repairs they might want can be repainting, plumbing, plastering, decorating, extending etc.Home improvement does not only include indoor alteration but, outdoor structures as well, such as gardens, lawns, garages and gazebos.

Stobart Decorating Services provides an extensive range of home repairs and decorating services to homeowners in United Kingdom. Our in-depth under-stability of home refurbishment and home improvements has entitled us to gain more customer experience along with stronger bong with our customers. We provide expert home refurbishment and home improvements with provision of the platform for the following services

We tend to work on all kinds of homes. We reconstruct, renovate, restore and remodel ancient homes. Remodeling means collaborating two rooms into one room, installment of a kitchen island, removal of walls, raising the ceilings and change in the layout of the entire room.On the other hand, renovation is unlike remodeling where a person does not change the physical structure of the house. We offer our clients a wide range of design and construction alternatives.The home improvements that we provide are categorized into interior and exterior. Interior home improvements include plumbing and electrical work. While, exterior includes siding, masonry, roofing, concrete etc.

Paint and Decorating Services :

The main aim of painting is to upgrade the emergence of the home in order to preserve it form the damage caused by mold, corrosion, insects and water. The prominent difference would appear only if the wall-paintings are changed.

A well decorated house reflects the personality, attitude and lifestyle of the owner. Decorating services mostly relies on planning and step by step decisions of using the space in the most efficient manner. What elements are supposed to be placed in which place in the most suitable manner is the service that we offer. We help in deciding our customer which element is best suited in which place and in which position.

Home Repairs:

Resolution and diagnosis of the issue in a home is known as home repair. Home repair is unlike home improvement, many improvements can be a result of maintenance and repairs. A home repair usually means replacing used or worn out elements such as the bulb which is burnt or the battery which is expired.

We can also help our clients in extending some extra rooms within their house or shuffling around their internal walls. It is one of the most cost-effective method that we provide to our client and it is much more better than being shifted to a up size home. Home improvements itself is an add on when it comes to adding value to the home.

Home Improvements:

According to a recent study on this topic, more profit is generated with addition of 11 thousand British pounds resulting in adding more value to a home. On the other hand, the inclusion of chair lift or a stair only generates 2,224 British pounds to the value of a home. Home improvement make an increment of 4.8 thousand British pounds in adding value to a home in UK. Also, extension generates 4,129 British pounds to the value of a home.

Majority of the people opt to stay in their current houses due to the slump of real estate market and they choose to refurbish their home instead of moving into a new home. People tend to make home improvements in order to make their home more comfortable by either making a sunroof for winters of building backyard deck. Some home improvement projects add significant value to one’s home. Now this depends on the person which home improvement projects they would go for.

Renovating the Kitchen:

Most of the people are very sensitive about their kitchen and consider it to be the heart of the entire home. According to HGTV, 60%-120% of one’s investment goes in the kitchen. Although it is suggested to never make the kitchen fancier than other parts of the house.

So, we help in making a budget friendly design in order to mold your kitchen look simple and elegant.We strive to collect the existing material in order to reuse it in a more sensible way to decrease the cost.

Energy-Efficient Appliances:

We believe in enduring a good and sustainable future for our clients.Home repairs involve replacement of old appliances into new energy-efficient version. Such models are environment friendly and we believe in providing our clients with the better in less price.

We help our clients with their home improvement projects which can add value to their home and benefit them immediately. We provide a platform where our clients can give us know-how of what they want in reasonable price and helping them cut out the higher electric bills.


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We help our clients in not just refurbishing their homes but also helping them in building their dream home. We tend to use organic material along with ecological techniques for the betterment of surroundings and reducing pollution. Also, we strive to install advance designer fittings both in the bathroom and the kitchen in order to create a sophisticated and elegant look. We strive to work with full commitment in order to cater the needs and desires of our clients. We work as a team to first understand the situation our client has presented to us and then we come forward with a suitable solution for our clients.